Affiliate Marketing Programs For Newbies 2018/2019

Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate Marketing Programs

Here’s a rundown of the best affiliate marketing programs out there in 2018, which you can easily start with

So you’ve set up your office (website), the next step is to find ways to monetize it, i.e to make your office productive, most have a dream of becoming the next “Zuck”, and living the duck lifestyle which includes spending hours upon hours at the beach everyday with friends and family yet having your office continue to work for you and the money keeps flowing into your bank account with minimal work.

yes we have all heard about the big boys that make it online, it not as easy as it seem, it quite challenging but extremely rewarding , the first steps is having valuable content as google will say “Content Is King”,  and you have achieved consistent traffic, next is to decide what revenie stream fits your content and i must say affiliate marketing programs is one of the best ways if not the best

How these affiliate marketing programs work is that you decide what company or service is in line with your niche and you partner with them through your website, an example would be you create posts about the the use of plugins and the incredible things plugins have enabled you achieved on your  website, and the affiliate marketing program links you up with a seller or provided of plugins, that has them for sale, so what ever sale is made as a result of your visitor reading your blog post on plugins  you get a share of the profits, so you see why affiliate marketing is the best means of monetizing your traffic in my opinio, below ill list the 5 best affiliate marketing programs some even pay youas high as 100% on some products you promote, amazing !!!!

With this little introduction on what affiliate marketing is, here’s a list of really profitable affiliate marketing programs you may choose to partner your office with including any of their cons

1. Clickbank

Affiliate Marketing Programs1
Affiliate Marketing Programs1

clickbank is incredibly popular due to its higher commission it pays out

the pros of click bank include

  •  High commission rate
  •  Free registration
  • Lower quality eBooks
  • Only digital products

clickbank is a probably the most popular affiliate marketing programs, and they’ve been active for years meaning it not some gimmick or half baked service, they are extremely newbie friendly as the offer a lot of digital product mostly eBooks, anyone can create an account sadly excluding some African countries, they have no sign up fee which is good for newbie who are just starting out they pay more commisions than any other affiliate marketing programs  out here , also if you find your self confused in any way they run a Clickbank University  for those just starting the journey to affiliate marketing

the Cons of clickbank is the fact that lots and lots of their products are ebookjs though they cover a wide variety, most are not of the best quality of have no Brand recognition, none the less ebook are easier to markets making it easy for a newbie to to make his first  affiliate sale

2. ShareASale

Affiliate Marketing Programs 2
Affiliate Marketing Programs 2

ShareAsale is in partnership with a boat load of vendors meaning thousands of products to choose from

  • free sign up
  • high payout threshold
  • the wide variety of product

ShareAsale is another affiliate marketing program, that has been around for more than eighteen years and with a solid reputation, though they were bought over by Awin, which is an internationalaffiliate marketing program on their catalog the host a ton of products ranging from sport gears to beauty supplies, and very specific niches like luxury wears and goods to eye wares with ove 6000 vendors as at last year meaning you”ll be hard pressed to look for a product and not find it or at least something related.\

you might think that wth a ton of vendors one would get lost tring to find a  vendor, share a sale solves this by using a power rank system to  show you the most popular vendors shareasale allows publishers (i.e affiliates ) to easily register multiple websites easily all at once also it free to sign up

One thing a newbie might not like concerning ShareASale Affiliate Marketing Programs is that it has a threshold of $50  which can be difficult for newer website trying to build their traffic, in addition, making matters worse they actually delete your account if it remains under $25. so if you are interested in using this affiliate marketing program then role up your sleaves and get to work on building your site and building your traffic profile

3. JVZoo

Affiliate Marketing Programs 3
Affiliate Marketing Programs 3

JVZOO is an  affiliate marketing program one with a unique approach to affiliate marketeing

  • Additional revenue from recruited affiliates
  • Lower quality products
  • PayPal is only payout option

JVZOO, though a relatively new player with  a little over Six years in their belt and they take the SaaS approach to be an affiliate marketing program on the good side they were named as one of the fastest growing companies in America for 2017, they must have done something right or currently doing something right

if your a product creator or a vendor as its called on the platform,  listing your product is very easy and free but they get a standard 5% commision  on any sale but nothing before that, for affiliates you get instant payment to your PayPal account as soon as a sale goes through, they don’t have a payment threshold,  as an affiliate you get paid if you recommend the platform to another affiliate, they call this ‘Second Tier Commission.’ also if the buyer that you refer buys another product you as an affiliate get paid a commission, a major advantage here is that some products are of the subscription type, so if the buyer keeps renewing his or her subscription you keep getting paid monthly or yearly- now that’s the life

The not so good side about jvzoo is that it’s only payment means is PayPal which restricts affiliate from some countries in participating in the program, secondly, most of their top selling products are digital products which in my opinion are not really bad just require a good niche like – make money online niche.


4. CJ Affiliate

Affiliate Marketing Programs 4
Affiliate Marketing Programs 4
Cj affiliate marketing program is probably one of the oldest out there with over two decades of successful operation under their belt
  • Automation of deep links
  • Real-time transaction monitoring
  • As forth Knox two-stage application process

CJ Affiliate  is probably one of the oldest affiliate marketing program, they started business way back in 1998 though they were known then as commision junction, they’ offer deep link automation services that automatically monetized any link that lead to a CJ advertiser domain, they offer real-time transaction monitoring and product widgets that can be embedded on your site to increase sales.

this offer from CJ is definitely impressive but getting accepted into the program is equivalent to breaking out of “fox knot prison” first you must apply with a “worthy website” determined by your traffic profile, sadly this is the very first step you need to apply individually to different vendors meaning some won’t accept you or not, this process makes Cj the hardest affiliate marketing programs to start with.


5. Amazon Associates

Affiliate Marketing Programs 5
Affiliate Marketing Programs 5

Everyone knows and trust Amazon, now imagine getting paid for promoting products sold on Amazon, that’s where Amazon associates come in

  • Easy application and acceptance
  • Large product catalog
  • Low commissions on most categories

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone without an Amazon account in Europe and beyond and people don’t just have accounts with them, people buy stuff, i mean lots of stuff from Amazon daily, making amazon  affiliate marketing program your partner is a very wise decision as a new affiliate this is done by registering in the Amazon associate program , Amazon sell just about  anything you can think of especially physical goods, meaning there is always something relevant to the content of your websi8te an impressive upside it that once you join and  you’re accepted which is free by the way you get paid commission for any product you sell and even get paid commission for bringing  a buyer to the site and a sale is made no matter the product within a 24hours period

In conclusion i hope from this list of Affiliate Marketing Programs you’d be able to find one that fits your content and one that’s newbie friendly, i wish you all the best ..



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