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Mobiflux Review

Mobiflux Review

Check out my Mobiflux Review to see how this impressive plugin can transform your business in terms of traffic, number of opt-ins, leads, and sales!


In my Mobiflux Review, I will be going over this new WordPress plugin created by Cyril Gupta,

He’s an online marketing expert with amazing products such as Leads2List, Tuberank Jeet, Email Jeet, Video Jeet, Keywords Jeet, So I wasn’t surprise when I got mailed about mobifllux read up on my mobiflux review to know what I think about his new launch.

Mobiflux is an essential WordPress plugin that you can use on your WordPress pages to finally implement your dream ads, the kind you notice when you try to download apps from any app store where you are shown ads requesting that you take action.

Mobiflux Review 1

Imagine the benefits you get if you had those ads on your  Website with mobiflux you are finally able to create this ad super easy,  bringing you the right traffic to your website as well as an increase in sales for your business

Mobiflux offers three types of ads which I found to be very impressive and useful

Mobiflux Review
Mobiflux Review
  1. Banner ads  These came with lots of customization I’ll list a few i that i did find very useful like showing your ads repeatedly to the same visitors, select your own pictures, decide the show rate, decided if you want it as a footer or header  lastly I liked that they show up just like a banner on your page when on mobile I did experience an increase in traffic just from one banner on one of my websites
  2. Interstitial Mobile ads Some call this the full screen ads cause they take up the whole screen and the users get two choices  whether to click on them or close and keep browsing the interstitial Mobile ads created by this plugin is crazy beneficial because  the user has no choice but to take notice of the ad and they offer impressive rates of interaction with similar setting to those of the banner ad
  3. One I enjoyed reviewing – The traffic Multiplier –  this makes content go viral, this is done by locking specific content forcing visitor to share, this is not just a facebook or twitter kind of sharing there’s more to it cause your visitors are required to share certain number of times to unlock it  believe me this is a game changer
Mobiflux Review 5
Mobiflux Review 5

The best things about the ad created by this Mobiflux is- you are in full control, no annoying policies to deal with, you can set them to all your pages, you decide how many times you want it to show. you do what you like they are yours.

Mobiflux also makes it possible for you create this same successful interstitial ads which users are already comfortable with thereby boosting your CPA rates

Mobiflux Review 2
Mobiflux Review 2

Mobile internet traffic is steadily replacing desktop traffic, with virtually every one owning a mobile device capable of accessing your website, global mobile data accounts for 3.7 billion unique users as at Jan 2018 also accounting for 70% video plays as well as 65% webpage views.

Knowing that 85% of internet users are mobile, here are some of the major reasons why I believe this software is vitally important to internet marketers as it solves some key problems faced by mobile users, these problems include:
Exit Intent – I’ve experienced this on some site that when I visit with my mobile devices and it doesn’t really work well, making my experience with the site not so pleasant same with Pop-ups which no one really likes- at least I don’t, and Old-style content lockers which refuse to load on poor connections, and small devices.

Mobiflux Review 4
Mobiflux Review 4

With mobiflux, you’re given the ability to Send your Traffic Wherever You Want with the 100% Mobile compatible interstitial Mobile ads and banner ads created for particular pages using the plugin.
Secondly, you’re provided with mobile compatible viral content lockers, which generate free traffic with no effort from you, and we all know more visitors = more money.

I have a few interesting bonuses that really compliment mobiflux should you decide to purchase with my link you’ll have them email right to you

In my final mobiflux review,  mobiflux is a no-brainer for every internet marketer simply on the basis that your mobile traffic is properly utilized, and used to generate even more traffic all for you and you also get the full benefits of mobiflux on the front end.

Oto 1 of MobifluxMobiflux Pro
No limits on the number of content-lockers on a single site
show multiple types of ads on either the same page or different pages
Change ads positions and stats for easy split testing
license for unlimited number of site installations
100s of done for you Ad Templates

Oto 2 of Mobiflux Mobiflux Developer
The Developer’s edition of Mobiflux  enables you to set this plugin for clients and get paid

Oto 3 of Mobiflux Mobiflux Agency
Mobiflux Agency offers you resellers rights, to sell mobiflux

lastly, I want to say a big thank you for reading through my mobiflux review and I know that mobiflux would transform your business, do have a blast! -Vick Brown.



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